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Buddhism / Islam Similarities

  • Both religions believs in that if they worship more the better results they would get. Both Muslims and Buddhists pray in temples.
  • Believes in rebirth after death in life. Buddhist believe that their lives depend on what they do in this life for the next life they will experience of. If they behave well in this life, they will deserve a good life after that, which means that if they decides to ruin their lives ( to make other people suffer) then they will not have a great life after this (but they will still have a chance of doing good things). Muslims believe that if they say something religious before they die, all of their sins will be forgiven.
  • Both religions are major religions, has a lot of adherents. Both of them are one of the top religions that people believe in around the world. And they have a big influence to others.


  • The rules for both religion are very different. Muslim has a lot of rules that includes gender. Women and men are mostly separated if they are not either family or they like eachother. Otherwise, women and men are not allowed to even get close to eachother.
  • Muslims clothing is very different compared to the Buddhists. Buddhists do not have to wear special clothings, except the monks. They have to wear brown robes around them or even nothing while worship the god. Which on the other hand, all Muslims girls have to wear loose clothings from head down to their ankles. The color of the clothings are preferably in dark colors. All adherent need to wear this.
  • They believe in different gods. Muslims believe in Lord Muhammad, and Buddhists believe in Buddha. Muslims believe That Lord Muhammad was the inventor of sky, world, star, moon and etc. Buddhists believe in Buddha, who was one of the founder of this religion.
  • Muslims and Buddhists has a very unique way of worship. Muslims go to temple often on Fridays to pray to god. Buddhists does not have a set time to worship the god. They can do it whenever they want to. When Buddhists pray, they light up Incense and go around the temple praying to Buddha and other gods (if they believe in them).