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Kelly Liang
Asnaya Zeynalli

How did the religion develop? Did someone found the religion?

Christianity developed starting with Jesus. He was a preacher that realized humans were going in the wrong direction. Specifically his own people who were Jewish. The Jews were not following their own rules and that angered Jesus.
The person who found this religion is Jesus Christ. Many people think that He is the messenger
of God, that Jesus Christ is God’s son. The believers in Christ at the church at Antioch were so devout in learning about Christ and following His teaching, that the people outside the church called them Christians or Christ-followers. After the birth of Jesus Christ people start believe that there is salvation from the wrath of God.

Are there any important days? Which ones? What happens on those days?

Lent(Begins 40 days before Easter)Observance: Self-examination and preparation for Easte
Good Friday(Friday before Easter)Observance: Crucifixion of Jesus on the cross
Easter(First Sunday after the first full moon after March 21)Observance: Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Pentecost(40 days after Easter)Observance: Coming of the Holy Spirit
Christmas( December 25)Observance: Birth of Jesus Christ
There is two important days in the History of the Christianity. Of course there is more, but this
days are very important. Because this dates are the big reason because of why there is Christianity today.

How many gods does the religion have?

Christianity has 1 God who has revealed Himself to humanity in 3 persons.
Only one. Because people believe that there can be only one God. They believe that there is only one TRUE GOD.

How do the followers contact or pray to their gods?

They begin the prayer by saying "Dear God", "Dear Lord" or “Heavenly Father" . And ask god to forgive them. And say how much you love and adore the god etc.
They can close their eyes and talk to God. They can pray anywhere and whenever they want. It is important to pray or to talk with God. Or they can go to the church.

What are the rules? What do people have to do in their lifetime?

the rules of christianity is about:
1. shouldn't worship other gods.
2. not make an idol for yourself in the form of anything in heaven or on earth.
3. shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
4. Remember the Sabbath day and holy.
5. Honour your father and mother.
6. not murder.
7. not steal.

Are there any sacred books? What are they called?

The primary sacred text of Christianity is the Bible. Its name is derived from the Latin word biblia, which simply means "books."

What do the holy buildings look like?

external image SfALgvf3YSsV6y29VPOtd_ey3qVdYA8i1vVgjP5HwQMtNgMdI8cMevWtvXshmNiPCDQviZfGRxQYPGw6HC5y2_j6OISTHbjzjFzld5h487r4VMN3eyEChristianity’s holy building is Church

What happens to you when you die?

They believe that people would go to hell or heaven when they died.

Are there any religious symbols and writing?

external image seNLmPbztygJ8lGF2FQMlYvMx073u_1L6n6WDsaOJKvbXy7sP2KCfht1vCUEUfitEnY9Q_lzMK_q7ou1FCUXJvHYE691qf54VPgjTI2FhGOSlnHd278The chi rho is one of the earliest Christian symbols. It is used a X over a P.external image vJLJMqUl-eHguxhbamofOxG--mWgtnCkORfJualXfN1ib7nQivhDYgOZ7cGxlT5IrAVggceJhUP5UPiLrfMMRJxI3ni6qZ4Hm2qi6rlkYFN8z5CjQJs

Is there any special clothing?

No, there isn’t any special clothing for Christianity.

Where is the religion most common?

The most common place of Christianity is England and USA.

How many people believe in the religion?

There are over two billion Christian which is 33% of the world’s population.external image PvRWlKbZFlFn6fmRGTiDLx4XiyZ_j4POjcrOyg2uEdgKdBmnxLkeEoCpSZR6QGfHVDoXiWi-3rv9npJVjcVLTWr_UtlQ8bfWKmjqFcmZ5G5FO1_fcn4